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Nior London commission

I must admit my eyes lit up when the opportunity came from Drew London to work on this commission with an exciting launch of the new cosmetics range developed by Nior. Always welcoming the task of pushing the boundaries of my usual commissions I very much enjoyed suggesting that I could perhaps come up with a looser more fluid style for this brief. Encompassing the essence of how each product name captured my imagination with floral attributes, I wanted to bring the botanical illustration right up to date with an accurate yet on trend approach.

There are five artworks in total that through the use of Pinterest boards I was able to share my thought process’ and flower choices with the designer and client. It’s all very well to list Latin or indeed common names, and produce rough illustrations but it certainly proved to be of great benefit to share photographic visuals before going into the full colour artworks. I took elements from a large number of reference images and real life flowers working to achieve the best composition to work around each product.

Illustrating initially in just ink line drawings and then filling in with a light gouache wash, just picking out areas of interest to render. I was happy to deliver the artworks to Drew London and really thrilled to see what they did with them. Particularly with the respects of wrapping my illustrations around the products. Since then the products have been launched with Anika Patel MD of Nior London doing a wonderful job across social media of promoting her brand, which I’m sure will prove a grand success.

To view the whole product range and more examples of my illustrations please click this link



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December 2, 2016

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